Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Mustache You a Question...

This is just a random pose the girls and the six year old made while wearing mustaches. I had to post it for the benefit of later humiliation and blackmail. Yes, yes I am a good mom.

Road Trip!

We recently went to Washington state to see my brother and his family. It had been several years, and cousins really needed to see everyone again. I really didn't need to sit in a car for 12 hours, but sacrifice is part of the parenthood package. We were able to have a really fun time and the kids were able to reconnect even though we were only able to stay a few days.
At least we were able to trade off driving. Ben did all right on his leg, but he really needs to focus more on the road and less on the radio. Okay, so this is really a picture from the children's museum we visited while there.
The girls found out that they are louder than a jet plane landing and a major sporting event in the scream room. It's a fact. A fact anyone could have told them before they entered the scream room, but a fact nonetheless.
The boys loved the museum, but were too cool to admit it. Most of the time. There are no pictures available of the water table because of the excessive moisture and giggliness as they made boats and raced them in the currents they made.

We will definitely need to go back up and visit again. And next time, I will be prepared and take Valium or Benadryl so I wake up right at the end. But seriously, the kids did great and we all had a good time in the car and with cousins.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The First 2 Weeks

Well, it certainly has been a long time since I updated this blog. But we will start fresh and maybe I will find time to add what else has happened this past year.

We are now in Delta, Utah. It is centrally located and a little to the west, in the middle of a desert. We brought the cold Idaho weather with us, as we have had record cold and snow since arriving. Nothing like feeling you are still at home, right?

The kids have started school and are adjusting well. Nadia is at the middle school here, and absolutely thrilled to have a locker. Unless that same locker is making her late for class because you have to get the combination just right while sticking your tongue out at just the right angle with your head cocked to the side and closing one of your eyes. She is the only Beehive here, which was a little intimidating at first, but the girls have been great at including her. Our big problem here is that we just found out she is lactose intolerant and she is still learning what she can and can't eat or drink. Alfredo sauce and hot chocolate have been real jerks.

Brandon is in Webelos now. He hasn't gone to a meeting here yet, as they are waiting til after the Holiday Season, but he is excited to join them. He has made some new friends at school and church, and is absolutely obsessed with the Disney Infinity game that we got for Christmas from the IF grandparents.

Ben is also doing well. He is starting piano, along with Brandon, while we are here in Delta. He has loved playing in the snow and gaming with Brandon. He has been great with doing homework and reading every day since we got here, which I find amazing. He is also making a few friends, and is excited to be in the Ward Christmas party play and having a part in the school presentation.

Caleb is just my buddy right now. It was amazing when we arrived that the nursery leaders remembered him from summer, and he has had no problems with adjusting at church. We just need to find a few kids to do playdates with, and will be set. He is so busy! We have been playing computer games, pop-up board games, and he even prays at night that we will play more games the next day. We have also made cookies and cake, we go to the store and bank regularly, and he still has more energy than me.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Carly Simon Was Right...I am So Vain

Do you remember that song by Carly Simon called "You're So Vain"?  I am way to young to have ever heard it in the car on the radio, but I know a little about the story and have a huge pet peeve with this song and the writer/singer. Apparently it was incredibly popular and even had a huge auction where some person paid a bajillion dollars to have dinner with Carly and find out who it was that was so vain. Really? Someone paid money for this? To find out who was so vain and why they probably think this song is about that person? And isn't that song really about that vain person? There's no "it's probably about you", it really is about you, and being vain, you would think so even if it wasn't. I hate it.
But it has been going through my mind all day, because it perfectly describes me right now. I am so vain.
I went to the doctor's office today to have a 3 month check-up on my foot. He poked, prodded, we took x-rays, and I asked some questions. Then I got in the car and cried because I am a vain person.
My foot will never be cute (okay, so it really wasn't all that cute before, but you know what I mean) and straight like it was before. I have good motion in my toes, no aches or lingering pain from the accident, my toenail is growing in and looks wonderful, but all I can focus on is how I now have a crooked big toe and a small toe with a kink in it. Silly, silly, vain girl.
The scar on the top of my foot is getting smaller all the time, and is a light pink instead of the dark purple it was just a few weeks ago. It will probably fade away almost entirely, but I am not focusing on that. I am thinking about how I have a scar on the top of my foot and how it will totally out-ugly any cute strappy shoes I might have worn this Spring and Summer. Vain, vain, vain.
I no longer have any restrictions on my foot, and can do anything I normally would as long as it doesn't cause pain. Unfortunately, this means I can't wear certain shoes that rub up on my kinked toe, and probably should stay away from cheap flip-flops for a while at least. I feel like I am being relegated to sturdy (read clunky) walking shoes or Crocs. Can you believe how unfair that is? No cute sandals that might slide around while I am wearing them because they don't have any support. No, just Doc Martens and Clark's, so I will look like an out of work school teacher or just a fashion-challenged lady with my grandma shoes. Never mind that they might be incredibly comfortable and offer good all over foot support. Silly, Silly silly.
Now that it's Spring, I feel the urge to have cute and painted toe nails, but feel like I can't because my big toenail is still growing in and look super short and funny right now. Never mind that it is healthy and growing faster than the doctor predicted it would, or that it actually looks better than it did before the accident when it had a weird curve in the top. I am complaining because I can't have cute painted toes, or at least, not cute painted toes that I am comfortable with anyone seeing. Vain, vain, vain.
Not that I have ever done it before, but I had been planning on training for and competing in a 5k this summer. I thought it would be a good way to get in shape, even though I hate running, but now those plans are on hold for at least a year. Toes heal slowly, and there still isn't a whole lot of bone there on the breaks. I get told this every time I go in to see this doctor. "Toes heal slowly", "Toes heal slowly". Ugh.  Silly vain girl.
Well, enough of my silly and vain whinings. I am sure I will be okay with it all tomorrow. Especially if I can kick that stupid Pollyanna girl in the shin and run away (okay, hobble slowly still). And maybe then those big clunky Doc Martens will come in handy for leaving a nice, big bruise for her to be glad about. Now that's some positive thinking.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sledding the Hill

I was looking on my camera and realized there were a bunch of pictures of sledding on it. They must have been taken while I was in a drug-induced haze after the piano incident. Well, here are a few of them, and while I have no idea who took them, I am glad they did.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Better Late Than Never

Hello to everyone! I find myself in the position of having a lot of time on my hands currently, since I am only allowed to keep my foot elevated and off the ground. Great time to update the blog, right? Here are the first day of school pics. Benjamin's is actually a some time during the first week when we weren't running too far behind in getting him to pm kindergarten. Caleb just felt the need to have a school pic too, and came up to me with his backpack on and ready to go. It was not very fun explaining to him that he doesn't have school, and that he would be taking a nap instead. I know how to disappoint them, all right.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer fun 2012
 Here is a pic of Nadia and her best friend CJ, who is a professional barrel racing horse. Nadia got to live the dream of every 10 year old girl and have a horse fall in love with her and take lessons.
 Camping. Yeah, we finally went camping. I think it was less than 24 hours. But the kids loved it. I am also pretty sure that Caleb is right in the middle of saying, "No. I do it." He is a healthy and happy 2 yr old for sure. The other boys couldn't be bothered with cooking anything.  Really boys?
Riding in the back of a truck. What childhood wouldn't be complete without this memory?